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Made in Detroit, Hiway 420 is an eclectic group of musicians that feel blessed with the opportunity to play together. The band has the desire to emulate the amplified lead Harps bands of the 1930's and bring it to the forefront with a blend of Jam, Rock and Blues.

A forty year musical history exists between electrifying Harps man Steve Maly, Lead Guitarist Eddie J., who brings a vanguard approach with exhilarating guitar fills, and Bobby Joseph who is a multi- instrumentalist as the Bass player who lays down a hard to surpass bass line. They're accompanied by Dale Friedenstab, a true rocker, respectively playing the drums. He brings an equivalent amount of experience to the group. Being separated over the years and playing with diverse groups, they find themselves together once again sharing their passion for creating and playing music.

Newcomers to the music scene and rounding out the group is Lil' D. Simpson a Vocals/Keys performer who outright brings her own originality to the band. Vocals/Percussionist Don Williamson has kinetic gritty vocals. They collectively give the band a distinct voice. Hiway 420 is going forward in 2014, and beyond in hoping to share more of their original musical compositions along with entertaining and making people want to get up and dance!!